SGM Lighting has come under independent ownership
again, with a consortium led by Peter Johansen acquiring
the company’s assets and IP from the RCF Group.

The new company, SGM A/S, is headquartered near
Aarhus, Denmark, and brings together an experienced
R&D resource committed to developing entirely innovative
LED solutions in the entertainment and architectural
lighting sectors.

Having originally founded Martin Professional, Peter Johansen
is back in charge of his own operation again — working with
many of the same designers, sales force and distribution
partners who underpinned his success back in the 1990’s.

In the new set-up, R&D, admin and after-sales will be based in
Denmark, with manufacturing plants in Italy, Thailand and
China, and warehousing in Holland.

States Peter, “Having had the opportunity to take over a
consolidated international brand, we remain committed to
establishing SGM as one of the absolute leading names within
the industry. We aim to be seen as the LED company of the

By the time Prolight+Sound opens in Frankfurt on March 21st,
SGM A/S anticipates having as many as 17 new LED products
to showcase.


SGM A/S · Soeren Frichs Vej 51-53 · 8230 Aabyhoej · Denmark.
Tel: +45 7020 7400.
E-mail (Sales): sales@sgmlight.com
E-mail (Support): support@sgmlight.com
E-mail (Info): info@sgmlight.com